The First Container Is Free + Each Additional Container Is $50/month

Smart pricing


All of your containers are shared across your projects.

How it works

All Projects are shared among a single container

Purchasing more containers lets you increase testing speed, reliability, run multple tests at once, and unlimited tests per month.

Current Cost:


Number of containers: 1
Number of concurrent jobs: 1
Performance: 1X
Unlimited repos
100 tests per month
$ 0 /mo

Get 100 tests per month. This is the plan that you will start with.

100 tests per month

Unlimited repos

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$ 50 /mo
Per container

Rent out as many containers as you need. You will start on the free $0 plan

Unlimited tests

Unlimited repos

Concurrent jobs


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Free plans start with the ability to run one job simultaneously without parallelism at no charge. Purchasing a premium plan enables access to additional containers at $50/container/month which enables more performance and multi-tasking.

Why should I trust ChronoCI with my code?

Security is one of our top priorities. Read our security policy to learn more about why many other customers rely on ChronoCI to keep their code safe.

Can I change my plan at a later time? Can I cancel anytime?

Yes and yes!

How do containers work?

If you enable one of your projects to get 2 containers, it will split up the work of 2 vms when running the tests. If you have multiple unused containers, this will let you run multiple tests at once without queing them up.